Our Leadership Coaching Services 

Our executive/leadership coaching services support leaders achieve their goals through improving and/or re-envisioning their role as a leader.  We honour and celebrate one's unique abilities to lead, and partner with leaders to leverage their strengths, while developing areas that require more support. All of our executive/leadership sessions stand on 4 pillars : Empowerment, Strength-based, Repair, and Reconciliation. Our services strive to increase the confidence of our leaders with the goal of equipping each person with new knowledge and skill, all while creating healthy and thriving workplace culture, transformation, intrapersonal and interpersonal growth.

Individual Executive & Leadership Coaching
Are you a new executive or leader who feels overwhelmed in your new role? Have you been in leadership roles for a while, but still often feel imposter syndrome and or burnout creep in? Do you feel disconnected from your team or have a difficult time holding team members accountable?

Your wellness, confidence, and vision are integral to the growth, health, and productivity of your team. Our individual coaching sessions will support you to deep dive into your unique leadership style, leverage it alongside your values and vision, so you may show up authentically, with your wellness intact. We want to help you get there.

Executive & Leadership Group Coaching
Is your organization having challenges with retention? Do you find a high number of employees calling in sick? Do you feel your team or organization have moved away from the vision hoped for as it relates to the essence of your business? Do your executives or leaders sense a need to shift the culture of your organization?

Group coaching sessions are a great way to interrupt unhealthy work cultures, get folks on the same page, gain support and develop an environment where everyone feels seen, valued, and heard. We can help your team develop the knowledge and skills to repair strained relationships, respond versus react to work challenges, foster transparency without fear, and create a workplace culture shift that will allow employees and increase wellness and thrive.

Anti-Racism Executive & Leadership Group Coaching
Are you a forward thinking corporate business or organization that recognizes the need to address racial inequity in the workplace? Do you and your peers struggle with managing expectations, sensitive topics, and navigating intense emotions as it relates to racism? Are you having a hard time knowing where to start and getting leaders and employees to commit to this work?

It takes great courage to address anti-racism in the workplace and we love seeing folks take that step. These Anti-Racism leadership group coaching sessions are designed to meet folks where they are at. Coaching sessions will support leaders build trust and incorporate systems for reconciliation, address psychological safety, help navigate difficult conversations, support leaders interrogate biases, and meet many other nuanced challenges related to racial inequity in the workplace.

Group Coaching for Black Executives & Leaders
Research has found that Black employees and leaders experience the most significant amount of racial discrimination in the workplace. In turn, many Black leaders experience challenges with their mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.

Our group coaching sessions for Black executives and leaders, are curated spaces to both facilitate collective healing and re-claim ones power to show up without compromise to their Black identity. With the use of Africentric practices and knowledge, coaching sessions are tailored to the group needs, with the common goal for Black leaders to explore the hardships and strengths of being a Black leader, engage on common leadership concerns, and personally and collectively identify what it might mean to operate from a more liberated place mind, body, and spirit.


"Simone and Agapé Lens Consulting & Therapy have been working with our healthcare organization over the last couple years. Simone has been crucial to our leadership team and the progress in the Anti-Racism work to which our department has made a commitment. I cannot stress that enough! I have had the opportunity to spend time with Simone in one-on-one, in small group and large group leadership coaching sessions. She is personable, articulate and you immediately feel comfortable in her presence. At the same time, Simone knows her material and does not hesitate to ask challenging questions of an accomplished group. She has skillfully helped guide a diverse group of colleagues navigate their individual beliefs and emotional responses along a common pathway. Personally, she has helped guide me through my own Anti-Racism journey and experiences as a person of colour and leader within our department."

- Paul Das, MD, MSc, CCFP (EM), Family Physician, Board Chair St Michael's Hospital, Department of Family & Community Medicine 

"Simone was one of our group facilitators for the “Healing The Leaders'' project and we have invited her to continue supporting this group for another year. The group focuses on supporting Black leaders specifically, and the importance of them taking care of their wellness as they take care of others. Simone combined her coaching, facilitation, educational and therapeutic skills during these sessions. We have benefited from her help and lessons to this day. She was very understanding about African descent community and trauma. There was a sense of belonging in the group, alongside knowledge about our heritage. We are looking forward to continuing working with her and recommend her work to anyone from the Black community who needs a therapist or leadership coach that is not only understanding and knowledgeable, but deeply empathetic."

-Sureya Ibrahim, Supervisor of Community Connections, Healing The Leaders Project

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