Areas of Focus

We are committed to three main areas, which include mental health, equity concerns and healthy connections. At Agapé Lens we bridge the gap between human interactions, systemic change, and mental wellness.

Mental Health
Unfortunately, life challenges are a part of our human experience, often leaving an impact on our mental and emotional wellness. Whether you struggle with depression, anxiety, family concerns, racial trauma, or you are a high-achieving professional struggling with burnout, our therapy team is here to help. We acknowledge the journey to healing can be a difficult one, however, we also believe this journey can be the most liberating and transformative one.
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Healthy Connections
The thread that is weaved throughout all our services at Agapé Lens, is improving healthy relational bonds. For centuries it has been proven through social and biological sciences, different cultures, and faiths, that we are wired for connection, and need it to thrive. As a result, we prioritize healthy relationships with all of those we serve. Our practice intentionally integrates this healing tool in our solutions, education, and interventions.
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Social Equity
If we approach societal challenges through an equality lens and not an equity lens, we risk leaving those most impacted by oppression, systemically at a disadvantage, and unwell, mind, body, and soul. In our commitment to equity, we centre the narratives of those most unheard and unseen. We offer many transformative opportunities to address equity concerns within the workplace, while creating safe and brave spaces for open dialogue and change.
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What does agape mean?

agape / uh-Gah-pay / Greek 

The highest form of love. Selfless, sacrificial, and unconditional love that persists no matter the circumstances. Always giving and devotes total commitment to seek the highest and best.

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