Our Vision

Our purpose is to support as many individuals, families, communities, and organizations, to see sustainable change. We are committed to guiding all of those we serve, patiently and safely out of challenging experiences, and towards healing, allowing them to thrive and live out their purpose authentically. 

Our Story

Agapé Lens Consulting & Therapy was founded by our CEO Simone Donaldson. As a social worker in the field for over 15 years, Simone has passionately supported diverse communities through mental health and social justice concerns. Throughout her career, Simone felt an overwhelming burden and pull, to address mental health, social equity, and workplace challenges in a very specific way. She became more attuned to the division being created in interpersonal relationships, and systemic social equity concerns. In her work, Simone noted many seemed to react to the suffering and inequities of others due to fear and lack of education, versus responding with curiosity, compassion, and humanness. Simone's conviction and mantra, backed by decades of research quickly became, "our strongest healing tool on this earth is healthy human connection.” As a result, Agapé Lens Consulting & Therapy was created with a commitment to lead with love, by ensuring at the heart of all services and interactions we center healthy relational bonds, to resolve personal, professional, and systemic challenges.

Love Lens™ 

The truest depths of love manifests as a humanitarian call to action, that allows us to show up for ourselves and others with care, curiosity, and accountability, during difficult times. 

The Love Lens™ , a framework coined by our founder, Simone Donaldson, was born as a call to action in utilizing the true strengths of love to address individual and collective challenges.

The Love Lens™ framework prioritizes repairing relationships to oneself and others, to achieve wholeness and unity where wounds have been created in great hardship. The framework is guided by four key pillars:

• Self-awareness

• Stewardship

• Belonging

• Reconciliation

As a result of these four pillars, we build a strong foundation of safety, connection, responsibility and individual/collective transformation.

Other Approaches To Our Work

Our services are also grounded in a trauma informed, attachment, anti-racist, Africentric, and holistic lens.

Our Practice Values

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Authenticity & Purpose
We believe everyone has a gift(s) to offer this world and a special way of doing so. Our hope is for everyone that interacts with Agapé Lens, to feel encouraged in bringing their most authentic and unique selves.
Village Building
We believe in the “It takes a village” mentality, which honours human responsibility for one another and working together in building strong teams, organizations, individuals, families and strong communities.
Integrity & Transparency
We believe in nurturing a warm, open, and safe atmosphere which upholds a positive workplace morale and working relationship with those we serve. We strive to be accountable and lead with integrity in all we do.
Cultural Responsiveness
We believe in working alongside and serving others using a strength-based approach, while being intentional in understanding individuals, their families, and communities. We believe culture can inform healing.
We believe everyone deserves to feel seen, heard and valued without judgement. We use compassion as a way to respond versus react to one's suffering. We are all a work in progress and require grace to learn and grow.
Joy & Happiness
We believe in prioritizing laughter, fun and things that align us all to a deeper sense of inward peace, creativity, and satisfaction. Joy and happiness have proven to bring healing to our mind, body, and soul.

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